Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture resides in the same environment as your carpet. Think about it! We often clean our carpets but give no thought to the odor, dust, dirt particles, germs and bacteria that can be captured in the fabric of our furniture.

Citrus Bright has the technology and the equipment to safely and professionally clean your furniture. Starting with softened water, to eliminate any hazard of mineral deposits going back into your furniture, then we cut through grime and impacted dirt. Our cleaning solutions and cleaning process are fantastic if you have children and pets. Our professional upholstery cleaners can remove the dirt from any kind of upholstered furniture including couches and chairs and many other types of upholstery fabric. Our technicians will evaluate the furniture and let you know if there are any challenges.

Citrus Bright Sofa Sectional Special

Sofa Sectionals cleaned with the power of citrus for only $99!
Please call for details.

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