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Carpeting is the most oversized air filter in the home. It filters the indoor air that you breathe. However, as our carpets get older and filled with dust and dirt, they are not doing their jobs as air filters. This means that not only do your carpets look and smell terrible, but they are affecting the quality of air within the home.

Residential carpet cleaning assists with getting the carpets clean to the core. While we all tend to vacuum our carpeting and keep up with the essential maintenance, they can get dirtier over time than our standard cleaners can help. That’s when it is time to call on the professionals to assist with the deep cleaning of the carpets in your home.

Carpeting is found in various rooms of the home. It is a very popular flooring for good reason. It not only helps keep the air cleaner, but it also helps act as a sound barrier, keeping the homes less echo-like and cozier. Our carpets become dirty over time, whether there are pets involved or not. However, pets can add another layer of dirt and grime as well as stains. If you have stains in your carpeting that you keep cleaning but keep coming back, that may mean it is time to call on the experts.

Citrus Bright for Carpet Cleaning

These stains happen when the carpeting is only surface clean. The stain is occurring as it is wicked back up into the carpet. However, with the right plan of attack, you can get that stain removed for good. We work with stains and get them out for good. Many times the stain is coming from deep in the carpeting, which is what we specialize in.

Your carpeting can look as good as new with our professional residential cleaning services. We take the time to spot clean any spots and stains we find during our pre-cleaning. We then will work on the entire carpeting to make it look new again. Our innovative technology goes deep in the fibers to get the carpeting clean from the inside out. While your carpet cleaners at home will keep the surface looking nice, dirt and grime will build up deep into the fibers over time. This can be dust, mites, pet hair, and more. This grime is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and can potentially make you sick. Combine this with the ability to filter air gone, and you could have yourself a very unsafe home.

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We believe in healthy living, call today and let us come by and get your carpeting cleaned up for you. All of our products are citrus based cleaner, and the water is filtered to ensure that we don’t leave any sticky residue behind. All our products are safe for not only humans but their lovely pets as well. We understand that pets are family and deserve to be treated that way.

If you are looking for residential carpet cleaning or tile cleaning, look no further than Citrus Bright. We are here not only to clean your carpeting but tiles, upholstery, and grout as well. Call now, and let’s get started on getting your home clean and fresh.